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Think of us as that reliable friend you always go-to for the best advice!

"a FRESH approach to accounting "

Specialising in guiding small businesses through financial jargon, we have had the pleasure of working hands-on with a number of small and medium sized businesses.  We work with you every step of the way by sharing professional business advice and financial solutions to help you get in control of your business.


Clare graduated from University in 2014 and became a fully qualified chartered accountant in 2018.  Having worked at one of Scotland's most prestigious accountancy firms Campbell Dallas for six years,  Clare then decided to set up her own accountancy business,  No Twelve.  


The business was established in 2020 by Clare and her sister Louise.  When Clare manages to get any spare time,  she makes good use of it by catching up with her life long friends, her family and of course her adorable Frenchies! Clare takes a down to earth approach to managing her clients, which is one of the reasons the business has grown so much in a short time.


Her clients find her refreshing in a world that can sometimes be seen as daunting and confusing, Clare truly has the interests of her clients at the heart and soul of everything she does for them.





Louise graduated with a Business Law & Marketing degree in 2012 from Strathclyde University.  she swiftly moved into the media business working for STV then the drinks industry working for Edrington-BeamSuntory and latterly Whyte & MacKay before joining forces with her sister to set up No Twelve accountancy.  


You may think this was a complete diversion for Louise, but given her acute business awareness, she has comfortably made the transition to the financial sector.  Louise is the creative, strategic force behind NoTwelve and compliments her sister's technical skillset beautifully.


Together they have created a unique accountancy service that Clients love! Like Clare, Louise also has an adorable Frenchie! The girls are joined at the hip, not only in business but in the love they have for their dogs and family!




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