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Dacheng company held fire training and drills

2018-01-23 阅读[]
    In response to the state's 16th "month of safe production", the Company further strengthened the employees' awareness of fire safety and improved the ability to respond to emergencies. The correct use of fire extinguishers and escape methods, strong support from the company leaders and coordination among various departments Under the organization of fire safety training and drills.
    Fire knowledge training by the production manager Li chaired the main introduction and use of fire equipment, fire fighting methods and precautions, fire risks, emergency self-help common sense and other aspects were explained in detail, a higher practicality and maneuverability, rich The staff's fire knowledge.
     In order to put what they have learned into practice, "Making the best of the call" to popularize the use of fire extinguishers among employees. After the training, a number of fire extinguisher fire drills were held in the playground of the factory. The use of various fire extinguishers and their precautions , All departments take turns to practice the operation, eventually master the use of fire extinguishers.
    Fire drills aimed at preventing accidents, the company has always been the top priority for the safety of enterprises, the safety of production as the company's top priority, the company held irregular fire knowledge training and drills, and through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises , For the majority of staff to create a safe and harmonious working environment.
    The fire training and fire drills, the combination of theory and practice effectively improve the staff's awareness of fire prevention and pre-prevention skills, popularize fire knowledge and achieved good results, this walkthrough has also been a success, for the future efficient and orderly Safety work laid the foundation.