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  • year 2011 February the company set up in Shenzhen, and in June the same year to achieve mass production;


  • year 2012 December Xiamen functional film division started


  • year 2013 May due to the development of the industry and their own needs, the company increased investment to expand the second branch


  • year 2014 In November again due to development needs, the company completed the smooth relocation from Shenzhen to Dongguan, expansion of the plant at the same time, the successful realization of the customer's upgrade;


  • year 2015 The company gradually began to improve the experimental testing equipment, to the end of the year has established a complete laboratory subjects;


  • year 2016 In October, the company set up module division in Dongguan, realizing the diversification of industries smoothly


  • year 2016 December Jiangsu Yancheng Development Zone covers Division started


  • year 2017 Through the ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management system, and made a number of patent certificates.